About Us

We are a company specializing in creating exclusive school uniforms and tailored collections for private and public schools.

Quality and style

Recognized for our product, we take pride in testing, sourcing and producing our textile. Our fabrics are chosen according to very strict regulatory normsin order to meet the highest standards of the industry. We believe that focusing on durability, ease of maintenance and high quality workmanship is the key to creating the best possible uniforms on the market.

Made in Quebec

More than 85% of our garments are made locally right here in Quebec. Encouraging employment within the province is extremely important for us. Not only does it minimize production delays but also it is more sustainable.

Customer Service

Our main focus is providing top of the line customer service. We take great pridein being available for in-person and online inquiries and feedback. We care about our customers and their satisfaction.

Meet our team

Rose-Marie Beaulieu
Founder and President

Marie-Hélène Desrochers
Director of Operations